"Face For Radio" by The Gorgeous Dudes

1. Trials & Tribulations of a Boy Called Man, Part I  

Mike Roberts - Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin

2. Amarillo Dust 

Jim Gatterer - Drums
Brook Sutton - Bass
Kevin Hardin - Fiddle
Mike Roberts - Mandolin, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals

3. The Devil's In My Savior's Wine

Jonathan Gray - Drums
Brook Sutton - Bass
Mike Roberts - Lap Steel, Guitars, Vocals

4. Betty Shelby Killed A Man

Mike Roberts - Vocals, Guitars

5. Brown Liquor, duet featuring Renee Wahl 

Mike Roberts - Vocals, Mandolin, Guitars
Renee Wahl - Vocals
Jonathan Gray - Drums
Brook Sutton - Bass
Bobby Monfrere - Piano

6. Music To My Feet 

Sean Kendall - Bass
Jonathan Gray - Drums
Jim Gatterer - Acoustic Guitar
Mike Roberts - Vocals, Electric Guitars, Mandolin

7. Dublin Blues (Guy Clark)

Casey Bostain - Vocals, Guitar 

8. Old Pale Page, featuring Cristina Vane  

Cristina Vane - Vocals, Banjo
Mike Roberts - Vocals, Guitar
Bobby Monfrere - Organ, Piano
Brook Sutton - Bass, Concert Drum

9. One Hell Of A Night (Sean Kendall) 

10. Trials & Tribulations of a Boy Called Man, Part II Live from The Club Du Late

Joe Thompson - Harmonica, Harmony Vocals
Casey Bostain - Electric Guitar
Sean Kendall - Bass
Jim Gatterer - Acoustic Guitar
Jonathan Gray - Drums
Mike Roberts - Vocals, Electric Guitars

All Songs written by Mike Roberts, except One Hell of a Night by Sean Kendall, and Dublin Blues by Guy Clark.