Hello and Welcome

I was born in Bethesda, Maryland but was raised while moving constantly across the United States.  I grew up on a diet of The Beatles, Bernstein, Bread, Chopin, Peter, Paul & Mary, acid jazz, Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, Van Halen and Paul Simon.  And anything else I could afford to buy or steal.   I studied classical composition and jazz guitar at Loyola University New Orleans, but I just wanted to play rock and roll, Man!  Later, I lived in Nashville for several years before relocating to New York City.  There I spent six years  performing and writing with many talented artists. In 2008 I found my way to Houston, Texas and have been proud to call it home ever since.  

I'm an independent performing songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist.   My song catalog is available for publishing, my time is available for studio session or live performance in support of other artists.  You will also find me on stage with one of my original bands: The Gorgeous Dudes (Alt-Country) or The String Lighters (R&B/Soul) where we test out my new material. 

I am based in Houston, TX and have working relationships with artists, songwriters and studios in Austin, Nashville and New York City. 

I perform on acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, electric bass, piano and organ, in addition to a high baritone voice. I am available to perform and collaborate with musicians and songwriters of all genres and direction.  


The Gorgeous Dudes 
A Face For Radio 

David W. Manning 
The Otherness of Others 
Producer - Audio Book

Julie Foster 
Self Titled 
Producer, songwriter, guitarist 

Joe Thompson 
Guitarist, harmony vocals 

Juliet Terrell 
The Red Light Sermons 
Recording and mix engineer 

Mike Roberts Band 
For Those In Orbit 
Songwriter, performer 

The Hitter 
Soundtrack - Indie Movie
Score and Song Composer