The writing was shaky and your words were sad
but you'd sent an old photo of my dad
I owed you eighty dollars and the bill's past due
Oh and by the way "how are you?"

Too many late nights and chances to take
I never really knew until you said it's too late
now twenty years later I read an old truth
on an old pale page to me, from you

Old Pale Page, Old Pale Page
A love that lasts forever

See you round town every now and then
remember we were lovers before we were friends
forget the bad times except when I try
to remember the reasons we said goodbye

Old Pale Page, an Old Pale Page
A love that lasts forever

A folded truth, dusty and worn
tell me old pale page, what are you good for
I know you and where we began
and this old pale page is not how we end.